Monday, 14 January 2013

Presentation Feedback

Red House (Hurdle)
-    Good summary of rules
-    Background info about hurdles helps the class understand what is hurdles.
-    Could have demonstrate the stretches for better understanding
Blue House (Shot put)
-    Good picture illustration of stretches but could be more sport specific instead of desk stretches.
-    More safety rules for shot put
Green House (Discus)
-    Good point to point form in Warm ups
-    Warm up options are useful examples
-    Example of stretches lacking
-    Overall presentation format was good and easy to understand
Yellow House (High jump)
-    Brief points in stretches
-    Good points in safety in high jumps
-    Include facts in high jump which ease understanding of the sport
Black House (javelin)
-    Good points in safety for javelin
-    Points presented are clear
-    Stretches missing

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